Statistical report | Accounting homework help

Hi please find the attached documents and write statistical report using excel. Please see Statisticalpapereport  file for examples how to write.As per the professor review need to update the excel according to the attached excel. Need individual sheet in excel. Also need to include the pivot table and update the statistical report accordingly. Please find the attached excel(project one sample workbook) and complete the excel work book in same format.

Notes :

 Please download the file “Project One Excel Sample Workbook ” 

All the RED fonts are my notes and Yellow highlights are the cells with the formula. Going over the examples in chapter 3 & 4 of your textbook will be very helpful.

In this assignment, you are asked to make pivot tables. 

Reference Book:

 “Applied Statistics in Business & Economics” by Doane & Seward (7e, McGraw-Hill, ISBN-13: 9781260719253 or ISBN-10: 1260719251) 

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