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Hi all,

Job that I picked is a top manager of the restaurant.

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Application 4 – Performance DocumentCriteria Identify 4-6 accountabilities – Less than four accountabilitiesidentified;(0-1) 4 to 5 accountabilities identified (2-3) 6 to 8accountabilities identified; (4-5) Behavioral anchors utilized – Behavioral anchors identified arenot linked to position (0-12) Behavioral anchors identified arelinked to position description items (12 – 16) Behavioral anchorsidentified are key behaviors for position description items(17-20) Anchors described – Descriptions are too short and of limitedvalue (0 to 10) Descriptions are adequate to make grossdistinctions between levels (11 to 16) Descriptions are completeand represent a good guide to discern different levels ofperformance at all three levels (17 to 20) Overall coherence and presentation – Words spelled incorrectly,not organized well (0-1) Words spelled correctly; clearlyorganized; responds to all portions of assignment (2 — 3) Wordsspelled correctly; clearly organized; responds to all portions ofassignment; presented in professional manner; an integratedapproach (4 – 5) RatingsFull NoMarks Marks5.0 pts 0.0 ptsFull NoMarks Marks20.0 pts 0.0 ptsFull NoMarks Marks20.0 pts 0.0 ptsFull NoMarks Marks5.0 pts 0.0 pts Pts 5.0 pts 20.0 pts 20.0 pts 5.0 pts Total Points: 50.0

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