Teaching effective presentation skills | Education homework help


This  project requires you to develop a PowerPoint slide presentation for use  as a training tool with managers and supervisors on how to prepare an  effective presentation. As you move up through the workforce you will at  some point be required to give a briefing or presentation to others.  Hopefully, one day you will also have to the opportunity to develop one  of your worker’s speaking and presentation skills. There is great  satisfaction in taking a nervous employee, helping them to develop their  presentation, coaching them on delivery and then watching them knock it  out of the park! With this in mind, your presentation should briefly  outline (i.e., no more than 2-3 slides) how to start a presentation  (that is attention-getting steps) an and overview for the audience. You  should focus the majority of your presentation (i.e., 8-10 slides) on  what makes an effective presentation. Factors to consider in all forms  of communication–Who is your audience? What is your message? Are you  trying to persuade? Inform? The Week 5, Lesson 1 has a lot of great  information to get you started, as well as the Forum in Week 4 (the Guy  Kawasaki TED Talk). 

Here  are some guidelines to get you started: You are going to brief a small  group of newly graduated APUS Business Students on how to present an  effective presentation. Your audience ages are anywhere from 20-60 years  of age, with various business backgrounds, military experience, and  even some small business owners. 

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