Thank you note | English homework help

That’s why it’s a good idea, in the week after your interview, to send a thank you note to the person who took time to talk with you. Sending a note will also help your interviewer remember you and might prompt them to give you more consideration for the position.

Sending an email or a text isn’t a good idea. Even these days, nothing impresses people more than a handwritten note. What should you say in the note? First, address the interviewer by title and name: Dear Mrs. Jamison. Remember to write in the same respectful, formal tone you used in your interview.

Say what a pleasure it was to meet the interviewer and how much you appreciated her taking the time to tell you more about her company and how you might fit into the open position. Mention something you liked about the company. Then end by saying that you’re excited about the prospect of working for the company and are available for further interviews, if needed.

End by thanking the interviewer one more time, and signing your name after a respectful closing, such as Sincerely or Yours Truly.

The language and friendly tone you use in your thank you note also gives the employer an example of the communication skills you would be able to use on the job. Writing the note doesn’t guarantee you the job, of course, but it can’t hurt.

For your last assignment in this section, compose a thank you note you might send after a job interview

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