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The Mission 

 The Adia Development Group is on a mission to become a leading developer in the commercial and residential real estate industry. Our goal is to bridge the gap within the current housing crisis by acquiring a portfolio of affordable residential and multi-family properties while overseeing management for the fixed income and Veteran tenants we serve. We started The Adia Development Group because we believe, quite simply, that everybody deserves a quality place to live. A place to call home should be a necessity, not a privilege. As a service-disabled veteran and minority owned business, The Adia Development Group is working to renovate and develop neighborhoods by partnering with public and private firms as well as local, state, and federal government organizations to renovate or build homes to provide housing. Our vision is to expand the limits of the housing market in the United States to ensure everyone has access to a home that is a catalyst for personal and neighborhood growth. 


 What We Do 

 Our management team is committed to providing affordable housing opportunities and lifestyle management services for fixed income families and Veterans nationally. At The Adia Development Group, we want to give hard-working families, veterans, and seniors a place where they can hang up their hat, by giving them homes they can be proud of. Our Mission is to create affordable rental opportunities for individuals and families, regardless of income or circumstance. 


 Who We Are 

 The Adia Development Group is a Minority and Veteran owned firm launched in 2021. TADG associates have blended over 30 years of corporate executive hospitality and high-level military service experience. We have a clear understanding of the housing needs of those in the communities we serve and have made a commitment to provide affordable housing across the nation. Together we can unlock the doors to a bright future. 



 Our Team 





 Anthony Toliver Founder/President 


 Anthony leads The Adia Development Group with over 35 years of experience working in the hospitality industry. Anthony has held various management and executive roles with a variety of prestigious hotels in Manhattan. His experience and knowledge of the industry with a primary focus on working with various US Government Agencies led Anthony to incorporate and create his own business. Anthony started Freedom 

 Hospitality which is a housing source for Government, Individual and Group travelers. Freedom Hospitality works with a network of hotels and extended stay properties to provide his clients accommodations in New York, D.C, and Miami. Through his affiliations and community support efforts, Anthony began to work with the City of New York to assist with the growing need to support the homeless community. Freedom Hospitality has coordinated and provided a large number of hotel rooms to New Yorkers in need of housing. Anthony has served on the boards for the Puerto Rican Family Institute and Ayuda for the Arts. Currently, Anthony is a corporate board member for the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) Survivors Benefit Fund (SBF), which raises funds for agents killed in the line of duty. 





 Nathaniel Hurt III Vice President 


 Nathaniel dedicated 20-years to the Military serving as an aircraft maintenance manager in the US Navy prior to joining the board at The Adia Development Group. He retired from military service in 2020 and has been an entrepreneur and investor for over 10 years. He has a M.S. in Management with a specialization in Project Management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and is certified as a Green Belt instructor in Lean, Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints. Nathaniel has attained level II certification in Production, Quality and Manufacturing from the Defense Acquisition University. His executive level experience in managing large organizations through dynamic projects including production, quality and manufacturing is a valuable contribution to the success of The Adia Development Group. 









 Jason Hurt Chief Financial Officer 


 Jason is a creative entrepreneur and hospitality consultant. Born on an Army base in Eschenbach, Germany, Jason has deep roots in the military with his grandfather, father and eldest brother all being enlisted in the U.S. Armed Forces. A native of the Bronx, NY, and graduate of Mount Saint Michael Academy. Jason attended Barry University in Miami Florida where his career in entertainment and hospitality began. Jason is the Founder of PTE Staffing an event production and consulting firm based in New York City. With PTE Jason has been an effective operator having sourced over 500 contractors including those reentering society post incarceration and Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. Jason’s experience working as a successful entrepreneur and his community involvement efforts are invaluable to the startup and overall success of The Adia Development Group. 





 Kevin Croke Chief Strategy Officer 


  Kevin is a hospitality industry executive with 30 years of lifestyle, luxury and independent hotel and conference center management experience in markets such as New York City, Miami, and the D.C Metro area. Croke has held various Marketing and General Manager positions at hotels and resorts in New York and South Florida. Kevin has repositioned properties for success and has worked closely with a variety of ownership groups and organizations such as CBRE in the development and sale of hotel properties. Kevin is the Founder and Principal of Aries Hospitality Group LLC, a marketing and operations consulting firm that provides strategic direction and support for developers and owners of hospitality related assets. Kevin’s deep knowledge of the hospitality industry are an essential asset for The Adia Development Group in creating market strategies and community outreach efforts. 



 The Village Trust 

 The Adia Development Group is pleased to be supported by The Village Trust; a private entity based in Palm Beach County Florida. The Village Trust is a contributing force supporting the goals and objectives of The Adia Development Group.

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