the cto informed you that the board of


The CTO informed you that the board of executives showed great interest in building a new network based on the work you did throughout the weeks. They need a proposal to proceed. Provide seven to ten page essay proposing the Systems Architecture for a new network of 500 users where the headquarters are located in Denver, CO with 4 branches located across the 4 US coasts. The type of business is not important and you may feel free to make up one.
1-What type of OS to use along with the file system and why is this architecture is better than others? Will you use the same OS for servers and Desktops? Will your file system of choice provide security?
2-What type of processor types will you choose for the desktops, the servers, and why?
3-Will the system be based cluster architecture for the servers and databases?
4-What type of data backup should the company use, will RAID be used, or is local backups enough?
5-Is there a need for a network to be built for connecting the servers and users, will data go across the WAN or will it stay local to the LAN? What protocols should be used if any?

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