The Uniform Commercial Code applies to a)Real property b)Fixtures c)Sale of goods d)All of the above 2.Lori was acquitted of murder. Which of the…

1.      The Uniform Commercial Code applies to

a)      Real property

b)     Fixtures

c)      Sale of goods

d)     All of the above

2.      Lori was acquitted of murder. Which of the following is true:

a)      The state may appeal her conviction

b)     The defendant may now be tried for assault and battery

c)      If the defendant committed the offense, she may be retired on new evidence

d)     The defendant can be sued civilly by the victim’s family

3.      There is a (            ) to the “Full Faith Credit Doctrine” which allows states to disregard the laws of another state.

a)      Public policy exception

b)     Subject matter jurisdiction problem

c)      Venue Issue

d)     Both A & C

4.      The risky loss concept

a)      Is found in the Uniform Commercial Code

b)     Is dependent upon who owns the property

c)      May consist of a “shipment” contract or a “destination” contract each with different rules

d)     Both A & C

5.      The process which judges apply the decisions and rules of prior cases over which they are currently presiding is called

a)      Precedent

b)     Status & process

c)      Statutory decision making

d)     Rule of the case

6.      The warranty that comes with the sale of every good and requires that the goods be fit for the ordinary purpose for which they were intended is called

a)      An implied warranty of habitability

b)     Implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose

c)      An express warranty

d)     An implied warranty of merchantability

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