Topic: case study of pneumonia

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Academic paper writing

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4 / 1000

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GCSE / A Level

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UK English

Revision comments

05/02/2019 14:11 PM: Sources are outdated need to be from 2015 and onwards
british English needs to be used
comments are attached to post

05/04/2019 01:22 AM: Can you reduce the work count to 900-1100. Which is the specified word count.
In addition could include costs of management of pneumonia and morbidity and mortality rates of it. Be sure to get the data for the morbidity and mortality rates from 2015 onwards.
Also make sure it is in british English

05/06/2019 13:16 PM: it does not include any references. the previous references attached to the last document did not have references that correlated to the ones in the text.

could you please have it in Harvard referencing format please

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