Topic: introduce yourself! 553 | Nursing homework help


Your introduction should cover the following details:

  • Your name
  • Geographical area in which you live (state and/or time zone is fine)
  • Your work experiences as an RN
  • Two objectives you hope to achieve throughout this course.
  • Your thoughts on how knowledge of pharmacology enhances the function of the nurse practitioner.

Instructions: This is a discussion post. Ill provide all of the answers. The last two bullet points, you may elaborate as you wish. 

Name: Mauricio Pereyra

Geographical Area: Florida

Work experience: worked in the emergency department, went travel nursing during the covid period.

course name: MN553 Advanced pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics, for the APRN program. pick any to objectives related to this course.

The last bullet point elaborate as you wish.

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