Tunnel rush game online | Reading homework help

 The original concept for this game is a combination of an auction and a  building game. Players build a <a href=”https://tunnelrush2.com/”>tunnel rush</a>  on their computer screen by  connecting tiles in order to collect points and complete achievements.  However, what makes this game unique is that players can also bid on  other people’s tunnels, becoming the envy of everyone else. The rush of  competition and the thrill of victory are both features that make this  game so popular. This is one game that you will always be able to find  when looking for something new to play online. There are two ways to play this game: In the auction mode, players begin  with a small amount of money, which they use to build their own tunnel.  Then, they can choose to sell it or keep it for themselves by bidding  against other players. In the rush mode, players are placed in teams and  have to work together as a team until they reach the finish line. 

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