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 Question (100 marks) Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine earlier that month, Singapore’s Foreign Minister  Dr Vivian Balakrishnan delivered a Ministerial Statement in Parliament on 28 February 2022,  presenting Singapore’s perspectives on the conflict and explaining the response taken.  Balakrishnan, Vivian (2022, February 28). “Ministerial Statement on the Situation in  Ukraine and its Implications”.  Retrieved from: https://www.mfa.gov.sg/Newsroom/Press-Statements-Transcriptsand-Photos/2022/02/20220228-Ministerial-Statement This assignment requires you to consider issues related to Singapore’s statehood and its  position within the international system of nation-states.  a) Use concepts from the social and behavioural sciences to identify three common  features of independent nation-states (20 marks) b) Explain, from the government’s perspective, why Singapore decided to take a strong  and clear stand against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  (30 marks) c) Present three steps taken by the Singapore government since independence to build up  the country’s position in the world. Discuss and evaluate whether these steps have  been successful.  (45 marks) 

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