Week 4 assignment – chapters 6 & 7!!!no plagiarism professor uses

After reading Chapters 6 and 7 answer the following questions. Upload your answers into Moodle in a word document.

Chapter 6

  1. Explain how the early policies and tactics of the British army played an important role in the rebirth of the IRA?
  2. Who was Francisco Franco? Explain his campaign against Basque national identity?
  3. Outline the Basque conflict: include the issue, group, campaign, and the situation.
  4. Discuss the variety of tactics employed by the LTTE since 1984

Chapter 7

  1. List the parallels between the French experience in Algeria and the initial American response to the insurgency in Iraq.
  2. Explain how the Mau Mau rebellion in Kenya illustrates how counter-terrorism measures often produce more violence and suffering than do the actions of terrorists.
  3. Outline the Kurdish Conflict – include the issue, group, campaign, and the future.
  4. Explain “endemic terrorism” to describe the state of terrorist violence in Africa.

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