Week 4 / call data | DAT/565 | University of Phoenix

Call Data_Week 4

Write a 350- to 700-word email, or memo, about the PE and PT test results after the first few days. Address the following in your email:

  • Analyze the impact the new protocol (PE) has had on time in queue and service time.
  • Determine if the PE protocol should be implemented widely in the call center with what you know so far.
  • Identify what additional data and analyses would be helpful to determine if the PE protocol is working.
  • Explain what is likely to happen to TiQ and ST if the PT protocol is kept.
  • Explain how a sudden increase of 20% more calls might influence TiQ and ST. 
  • Justify whether the data is sufficient to determine if the PE test is successful. 
  • Suggest additional metrics and supporting data needed to determine the performance of the call center’s operations.

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