Week 4 / part b strategic market planning | MKT/574: Marketing: Social, Mobile, And Analytics | University of Phoenix


This week you continue your strategic marketing plan for your selected business. The data analysis part of the plan is about analyzing the marketing data that’s available, including internal, secondary, primary, and customer relationship management (CRM) data. You will also need to identify sources for each type of data.

Access the Strategic Marketing Plan Template that you submitted in Week 2 that contains your completed information for Part A.

Review the feedback you received from your faculty member on your Wk 2 – Apply: Summative Assessment: Part A: Strategic Marketing Plan assignment and incorporate the feedback into the next part of your strategic marketing plan.

Complete Part B: Marketing Data Analysis of the Strategic Marketing Plan Template in the same document that contains your completed Part A. You will complete Part C later in this course.

Submit your Strategic Marketing Plan Template that contains completed information for Part B and revised information for Part A. 

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