Week 5 discussion: evidence-based teaching in nursing & becoming a


There are two parts to this discussion.  The first is to consider scholarship in nursing. The second is to reflect on your MSN education to date.

Initial Post:

Part 1: Briefly discuss what is described in Chapter 20 as ” the scholarship of teaching in nursing.”  What is the difference between scholarship in teaching in nursing and scholarly teaching? How will you demonstrate scholarship in your nursing practice and future career in education? How can you best prepare for it?

For your references, review Teaching in Nursing and the Role of the Nurse Educator, Chapters 19 and 20 and find an additional professional nursing source. 

Part 2: You will soon be taking the capstone course and graduating with a master’s degree in nursing. Reflect on what you have learned in your education and leadership courses thus far. How has your understanding of the educator and leadership roles in nursing changed?  What has impacted you the most?  How do you envision using this information and/or degree in your career? What would you like to learn more about through additional formal or informal learning?

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