Week 7: program construction | Computer Science homework help


Week 7: Program Construction

Code Management and Modularity 



Scenario and Summary

This week, we learn how to manage complexity by putting together a ready-built application that comprises a number of separate header and source files. Our job here will be to take these individual files and combine them into one standalone application. Although the process is quite a simple one, it will emphasize the advantage of modularity when writing code. It also shows how code can be reused between programmers and/or applications.


STEP 1: Create the   Project

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  1. Create a new C++ console-based project.


STEP 2: Add Files to   Your Project

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  1. Unzip the source code and header files found in Doc      Sharing (Lab_7_files.zip), and then add these files to your project as      needed.


STEP 3: Build and Test

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  1. Build your project (compile your program). 
  2. Eliminate all syntax errors. 
  3. Run the program. 


STEP 4: Label Title 

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