Welcome to the interest calculator


Welcome to the Interest Calculator

Enter loan amount: 520000
Enter interest rate: .05375

Loan amount: $520,000.00
Interest rate: 5.375%
Interest: $27,950.00

Create a new application and name it LastName_Assignment2.
Create the Scanner object.
Get the loan information from the end user by using the System class.
Calculate the interest amount by using the BigDecimal class to make sure that all calculations are accurate.

Format the interest rate, interest amount and loan amount and interest by using the NumberFormat abstract base class. It should round the interest that’s calculated to two decimal places, rounding up if the third decimal place is five or greater. The value for the formatted interest rate should allow for up to 3 decimal places.

Display the results by using the System class.
Assume that the user will enter valid double values for the loan amount and interest rate.
The application should continue only if the user enters “y” or “Y” to continue.


Question B

Test the Invoice Application with an invalid total like $1000 and include the dollar sign. This should cause the application to crash.Take a screenshot of the error message and paste it into your assignment.


Study the error message and note the line number in the statement in the InvoiceApp class that caused the crash. Then click on the link to that line of the code. This should open the InvoiceApp.java file in the code editor and highlight the line of code that caused the crash and take a screenshot and paste it into your Word document.

Figure out why the application crashed because you entered in the $1000 and describe how it can be fixed in your assignment.

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