What is the purpose and benefits of


(a) What is the purpose and benefits of Clustering data in a file?

(b) What is the code for creating a cluster and associated tables in Oracle

(d) What are the advantages/disadvantages of horizontal and vertical partitioning?

(e) Describe RAID and outline the benefits of implementing such an installation. 

(f) In the large Enterprise two functions have evolved to manage the Enterprise Database – Data Administration and Database Administration. Provide definitions and outline the activities for both of these functions and outline how they have evolved with the changes in relational database technology solutions and in organisations’ requirements for information. 

(g) Database Security is a huge challenge to the large Enterprise, outline the threats that exist to data and the features included in modern DBMS to enhance data security. 

(h) Transaction control is vital in a busy database, outline transaction ACID properties. 

(i) Explain Locking and outline the locking levels and types of locks available in DBMS today.

(j) What is deadlock and how would you prevent it?

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