Write a turtle program that asks the user for a numerical

Write a turtle program that asks the user for a numerical value S and draws eight parallelograms forming the following shape, using at least three colors of your preference: Save your program as eight_parallelograms.py. The input value S represents the long diagonal of each parallelogram, as shown in the image below: All sides are of the same length, which is given by the expression (S2cos(π4)) . The two internal narrow angles are of 45 degrees, and the two wider angles are of 135 degrees. All these dimensions and angles are illustrated in the image below: NOTE: When using Turtle graphics, the angles we use in all turns (i.e., turtle.right and turtle.left) correspond to the outside angle of the turn. That is, if we draw the parallelogram starting at the bottom-left corner, drawing its bottom side first, we will be doing the left turns highlighted in red in the picture above. (The turn angle we need is 180 minus the internal angle of the corner we want to recreate)After drawing a parallelogram, the turtle will be heading in a South Westerly direction. At this point, doing a 180-degree turn will orient the turtle in the correct direction to draw the next parallelogram, as illustrated in the image below: TIP: All parallelograms are identical; they are just drawn in different orientations. So, copy-and-paste can come handy in replicating the actions needed for the 8 parallelograms.

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