Writing assignment 3 theater essay (400 min to 500 max) select one of


Writing Assignment 3
Theater Essay (400 min to 500 max)
Select one of the two topics below. Respond to the topic with a minimum of 400 words and no more than 500 words. Submit your answers in one document.
1. Discuss the importance of studying Shakespeare in the 21st C.
2. Discuss the influence of ancient Greek tragedy on modern-day theater.
Be sure to use complete sentences, proper grammar, and run spell check on your work. Answer all parts of the topic. You are encouraged to use references in addition to the
text. Be sure to list all the references used to complete your work. Use only professional references in MLA style. (DO NOT use a nonacademic source like Wikipedia.) Use the
Writing Rubric as a guide to your writing.
Submission Instructions:
1 Share
Do not copy and paste information directly from the Internet – this includes charts, graphs, or pictures – without giving full credit to the source. If in doubt, do not use it. Your
work should use the following guidelines:
Complete your assignment using word-processing software such as MS Word 365 (download free software at https://products.office.com/en-us/student?
ms.officeurl=getoffice365), LibreOffice (download free software at https://www.libreoffice.org/download), or other per course requirements. Save your file as an .rtf file or
.doc to ensure that it can be opened at any computer. Submit your assignment by selecting the title link, browsing to, and attaching your saved file. Make sure to select
SUBMIT. You may view your posting both on this page and under My Grade (available under Tools). 


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