You are the manager for the debt recovery section of a regional bank.

You are the manager for the debt recovery section of a regional bank. The bank is experiencing unprecedented levels of customers defaulting on their loans as a result of an international credit crisis, soaring house prices and rising petrol prices. A recent strategic decision made by the bank’s board means that the bank will reduce the leniency that it has previously shown to long-term customers and will now collect loan securities as soon as they are defaulted. The board also decided to go ahead with implementation of a new IT system that will be deployed across the organisation in order to improve tracking and reporting.

As a direct result, you have been given resourcing to hire an additional 10 collection agents—taking your team to 20. You are expecting that the existing team members will resist the change to a new IT system, as they were heavily involved in the design of the current one. You are also expecting that all collection agents will be faced with personal stress as a result of increased workload and conflict with angry or upset customers.

Discuss in 220 to 250 words the processes and tools that you will use to determine the learning and development requirements of the:

  • bank as an organisation
  • debt recovery section
  • existing team members
  • new employees

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